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Cinier Olycal Stone Radiators 

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Cinier radiators are crafted in Olycal® stone: a natural stone from the French Pyrenees. It provides an amazing radiant heat and a greater comfort. Each Cinier oylcal radiator is individually signed and thus a unique piece of art.These beautiful designer heaters from CINIER will not only keep you warm during cold winter, but will also become a luxury accessorie for your interior decor.

Thermal performance and material flexibility

After seven years of research and development, Atelier CINIER have developed the Olycal Stone: The stone is crushed at the initial stage of production then restructured in the Cinier workshop following an exclusive patented process allowing heat to be emitted with high efficiency.

Olycal® Stone has several advantages:

1. Thermal: Heat is accumulated and reinstated (quality due to the coupling of radiance and thermal mass which allows heat to accumulate for and be evenly released.)

2. Tactile: The Olycal stone is made from the finest quality of natural stone and feels soft to the touch.

3. Design: The fine grinded stone allows the creation of true contemporary structures

4. Longevity and sturdiness of the stone

5. Ecological: Olycal stone originates from the Pyrenees mountains in the South of France and is essentially made up of natural minerals.

An excellent alternative to steel, cast iron, or aluminium, Olycal stone is the heating material of the future. Its unmatched properties make it the key element in all Cinier radiators.

Greenor Decorative Fan Coil Units

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The most comfortable fan coil.

Greenor® is a two-pipe wall-mounted designer fan coil unit for high end residential Applications. Environmentaly friendly and engineered comfort.

Greenor® is a top energy-efficient heating & cooling fan coil technology.

Greenor® is a two-pipe wall-mounted designer fan coil unit for high end residential or Commercial Applications.

Cool Comfort: A constant flow of eco-friendly cool air (refrigerant-free) for a draft-free comfort and cooling sensation

Warm Comfort : The Greenor® fan coil saves energy while optimizing low-temperature heating systems (water at 50°C/ 122°F) operating with heat pumps using renewable energy or condensing boilers.

Its unique concept offers comfort, high-end design and top-efficiency.

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