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We are pleased to be appointed by Interstate Chemical Company, manufacturer of INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B, as the California/Nevada Area Distributor. Ask your wholesaler for INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B, stocked regionally in Oakland, California.

INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B Glycol: The New Standard in Freeze Protection
Solar, Hydronics, Snowmelt, Geothermal, Ice Storage

INTERCOOL BIOGREEN B Is a non toxic blend of 1,3 propanediol (Susterra™) made from renewable resources. It is corn based NSF listed anti-freeze with performance significantly superior to petroleum based propylene glycol.

EG = Ethylene Glycol,
PG = Propylene Glycol,
Test temperature= 150°C (302°F)
Recommended Replacement @ 5000 ppm organic acids

Significantly Lower Acidic Degradation: INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B
glycol out performs regular inhibited polypropylene in resistance to acidic degradation and oxidation. At a boiling point of 425F, INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B has a ~ 100°F higher boiling temp than propylene glycol. Acidity degradation occurs primarily at a products boiling point. INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B is a must for high temperature solar applications. Result: far longer service time between glycol replacements.

No Inhibitors Required. No clogging.
Years of complaints about inhibitors coming out of suspension at high temperatures (180°F+) and clogging circulators is now resolved. Anti acidity inhibitors are not required. Corrosion inhibitors are not required in truly closed loop applications.

The Right Performance:
INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B has lower viscosity requiring 2.4x less pumping energy than petroleum based Propylene glycol.

The Right Price:
When oil prices go up, so does petroleum based propylene glycol. Corn based INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B glycol is a lower cost alternative to conventional propylene glycol with more stable
cost when oil prices are rising.

Truly Green:
The production of INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B uses 40% less energy and reduces green house emissions by 20% when compared to petroleum based propylene glycol.

The Chemistry:
INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B is produced from a proprietary fermentation process using corn sugar instead of petroleum-based feedstock’s. INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B is a chemical variant of conventional petro based 1,2 propanediol (H3CCH- CH2_OH). INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B is a 1,3 propanediol (HO-CH2-CH2-CH2-OH).

Premixed 50/50 or Concentrate:
INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B is available as a concentrate or a 50/50 mix. It is packaged in 1, 5 and 55 gallon containers. Bulk purchases of concentrate and 50/50 are available. INTERCOOL® BIOGREEN B is stocked regionally in Oakland, CA.


Comparison of Pumping Pressure - PG vs PDO
At -10 C, a 40% PG/ 60% water solution requires 2.4x’s the pumping energy as a 40% PDO/60% water solution.


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